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Forex-Trading.to is now official online. This will be the biggest Video-Learning Center about the most powerful financial oportunity in various languages. Have fun. Learn Currency Trading and make an income as a daytrader.

It’s about information. It’s about discipline and strategies. If you’re acting logical in the markets, it’s not gambling, it’s mathematics. Even if you have not a clue about exchange, you have a 50:50 chance to win. Background information and experience will turn this relation to your advance. I started with etoro and this was perfect place to get the answers to all the newbe questions and make my first steps to learn the fundamentals and basics for no money and with an unlimited live demo-account. Later you will choose an ECN account (like me now), but for beginning and understanding, etoro is probably the best source with the largest investment community. A social network of traders. But also look at the other market makers and brokers out there. Many of them are introduced in the vids of the category
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